Brief History

ICFAL formed in 1998 by a group of highly motivated volunteers is a leading Islamic Finance provider operating in NSW, ACT, Victoria and South Australia providing Shariah-compliant finance for housing, vehicle and community infrastructure.

 It now has 2336 members with 39.2 million Member Share Fund with $5.11 gross revenue per $100 Share worth a $3.70 distributable net profit per share.

 ICFAL has its offices in Parramatta, Western Sydney and now employs five staff members in order to operate as a professional finance organization complying with Islamic financial guidelines within the stringent Australian regulations and laws pertaining to financial institutions.

The idea of ICFAL was catalyzed when one of the foremost authority on Islamic finance Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani visited Australia during the late nineties and exhorted the Muslim community to initial Shariah-compliant financial institutions in order to avoid usury/interest. This ICFAL was formed in 1998.

ICFAL offers line of products, which include ordinary account, Children’s Education Fund Account, Superannuation fund account, Hajj fund account, Jakat fund account as well as finance products like home finance, car finance and Kard hasan.

All products of ICFAL have been designed to strictly follow Islamic Shariah law and are certified by Meezan Bank of Pakistan and supervised by a Shariah board in Australia. The products have been described separately in this document.

ICFAL has celebrated 20 years of successful operation in Sydney on 20th March 2018, which was the result of extreme hard work and dedication by its founder members, professionalism in day to day activities, maintaining trust among the members by offering 100% halal products in the simplest way for members to understand as well as allocation of fund for donation to social activities for example building mosque, Islamic institutes, schools etc.


  • Certified by Meezan Bank of Pakistan
  • Supervised by a panel of highly renowned scholars
  • Licensed by ASIC retail financial services licence
  • Registered by ASIC for Shariah retail Investment income product
  • Registered by ASIC for direct property fund that allows for Subscheme Investments within the fund.

ICFAL does not invest in the following sectors:

ICFAL does not invest in companies, which are directly active in, or derive more than 5% of their revenue (cumulatively) from the activities as follows (“prohibited activities”):

Alcohol: distillers, vintners and producers of alcoholic beverages, including producers of beer and malt liquors,
owners and operators of bars and pubs.

Tobacco: cigarettes and other tobacco products manufacturers and retailers.

Pork and pork related products: companies involved in the manufacture and retail of pork products.

Interest (Riba) based activities: Commercial banks involved in retail banking, corporate lending, investment banking; companies involved in mortgage and mortgage related services; providers of financial services, including insurance; credit agencies; consumer finance, credit cards, lease financing; brokerage services, securities lending; and insurance and reinsurance firms.

Defense/Weapons: manufacturers of military aerospace and defense equipment (??)

Gambling: owners and operators of casinos and gaming facilities, lottery and betting services.

Adult Entertainment: owners and operators of adult entertainment products and activities.

ICFAL does not allow investment in the following activities:

Islamic Shariah investment principles do not allow investment in companies deriving income from interest or companies with large income portfolio based on interest earning. Any company or individual involved with such companies for business activities generating significant income deem non-compliant and strongly advised against it.

ICFAL does not allow portfolio buildup based on interest at any ratio

In ICFAL we believe interest (Riba) is forbidden in any form and there is no way of purification once earned and included in the asset holding and income portfolio. Therefore, we do not allow any interest bearing fund in the form of any investment or finance to be part of our portfolio regardless of ratio. We believe in simplicity and peaceful investment and finance, which is not binding by any complex structure, which may elude members and create confusion among them. ICFAL operates based on member investment only and extends secured finances
from the funds available rather than borrowing interest bearing fund from conventional commercial banks.

Our Shariah Compliant Investment Products – ICFAL at a Glance

Invest in Peace

  •  100% member funded
  •  Secured Investments
  •  0% interest paid/received to/from banks
  •  0% interest paid/received to/from members
  •  Fairness and equality for the benefit of members

 Membership Eligibility

  •  Temporary or Permanent Resident or Citizen of Australia, Work permit holder, students
  •  Living in NSW, VIC, ACT, SA or WA
  •  Over 18 years of age

 Community Projects

  • Parramatta Mosque, NSW
  • Lakemba Islamic Centre, NSW
  • Campbelltown Youth Centre, NSW
  • Islamic Practice Dawah Circle, St Marys, NSW
  • Tamworth Crescent Community Mosque, NSW
  • Horsham Islamic Welfare Association (HIWA), VIC
  • Melbourne Madinah, VIC