Membership Forms & Procedure

  1. Membership Application form here.
  2. Download How do I become a General Member with ICFAL here.
  3. Download SMSF/Institutional Membership Application form here.
  4. Download SMSF Membership Process & Required documentation here.
  5. Children Education Fund Application form here.
  6. Download Add or Remove a Joint Member to/from Your Account form here.

Finance Forms

  1.  Download SER Property Finance Application form here.
  2. Download Car Finance Application form here.
  3. Download Guarantor Statutory Declaration form here.
  4. Download Credit Guide here.
  5. Download ICFAL Financial Hardship Brochure here.
  6. Download Request for SER share purchase and payoff form here.
  7. Download SER Fixed Cost Claim form here.

Administrative Forms

  1. Download Change of Address request form here.
  2. Download Share Redemption form here.
  3. Download Statement Request form here.
  4. Download the Death and Inheritance form here.

Product Information

  1. Download How does ICFAL SER Property Finance work here.
  2. Download Vehicle Finance Application Procedure here.
  3. Download Rules & Fund Mechanism Endorsed by Registry of Co-op here.

19th Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017

  1. Download 19th AGM 2017 Notice here.
  2. Download Appointment of Proxy form here.
  3. Download Nomination Form for ICFAL Director here.