We’re Different

 ✓ 100% member funded.

 ✓ 0% interest from the banks.

 ✓ We are run for the benefit of our members.

Our Housing Finance Product

 ✓ A true partnership with our members to own property.

 ✓ Share in the property’s fixed running costs like council rates, strata and water supply costs.

 ✓ Payments are linked to market rental prices and property prices.

 ✓ Share in the risk of property value gain or loss.

ICFAL Investment Portfolio

 Housing finance – Want more information download here

 ✓ Vehicle finance – Want more information download here

 ✓ Hajj fund

 ✓ Qard Hasan (Benevolent) fund

 ✓ Children Education fund

How It Works

Administration of Finance

  • An applicant needs to be a member (hold annually a minimum 5 shares valued at $100 per share; wait for 6 months and can contribute 20% equity of total purchase price of the property) before applying for finance for a nominated property.
  • When you need finance for buying vehicle, house, consumer’s durables or other properties, you enter in a Co-ownership or Partnership agreement with ICFA Limited.
  • The Co-ownership is determined according to the proportional contribution to the agreed value of the asset.
  • You will be the full owner of the asset through options as:
  • Pay an agreed monthly installment to the ICFA until 100% of the total agreed value is paid.
  • Pay an agreed monthly rental and installment of the purchased cost of the asset under the Shared Equity Rental Scheme.

Administration of Shares

You buy shares or investment units after you become a member of ICFA limited at any time. You can withdraw $1000 equivalent of the share per month at any time. A greater amount needs one-month notice to ICFA Ltd.

To invest, you need to become a member by simply filling an application form and mail it to our address with a cheque payable to ICFA with the payment of $100 membership fee and a number of shares purchased (5 shares minimum i.e. $500).

For further information on property finance click here.