Super fund product feature

Self-Managed Super Fund account is opened by any member by providing proper documents listed below. This is a long-term savings account (6 months) and earns Dividend 1% higher than that of ordinary Membership Account up to $10,000, beyond which the ordinary dividend applies.

(1) The fund has to be a ‘Self-Managed Super Fund’ (SMSF). If you do not have a SMSF then your tax agent or accountant can help you to establish SMSF based on your situation. Your SMSF will need to have an operating bank account where you will roll over all your existing super money from any current superfund managers. 

(2) The SMSF will need to become an Institutional Member of ICFAL. For the SMSF becoming ICFAL member, please send us the attached completed form and supporting documents as per the below list along with payment receipt of $100/- membership fee (one-off & non-refundable but tax deductible)

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